Acting Class

Acting Class

This acting class is geared to honing your acting technique for theatre, film, and television. Having studied with famed acting coach, Larry Moss for ten years, as well as my own experience performing, writing and directing, I am familiar with and use various acting techniques. Whether it’s the Meisner technique or the methods and exercises of Stella Adler, Uta Hagen, etc., I believe actors should take what works for them and feel free to leave the rest. Some of the actors in my class find sense memory and/or emotional recall help them get to the truth of a scene. Others prefer to concentrate on the circumstance of the scene and let their imagination dictate how their character behaves. I incorporate and help to facilitate whatever will best help each actor grow.

At every class, when they’re ready, the actors bring in whatever scene or monologue they’re working on, or the sides they’ve gotten for an upcoming theatre or on-camera audition. After we work on that, each actor is filmed on camera doing the short television or film copy I’ve sent out during the week. I then screen and analyze what worked and what didn’t. This is followed by a viewing of the scene from the original film or TV series to analyze what that actor’s choices were. I find this on-camera work is helpful, not only for those primarily interested in film or TV, but also for the actors concentrating on theatre work, helping both be more specific in their choices.

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re an experienced professional looking to explore new material or freshen your approach, I’ll provide a creative and safe environment for you to do your work.

Place, Time & Cost


2387 SW 14th Ave.
Boynton Beach, FL 33426
Take I-95 to Woolbright Rd. Exit 56
(From the South it’s the exit after Atlantic.  From the North it’s the exit after Boynton Beach)
Go West on Woolbright Road
You’ll pass the gas station and then a traffic light (18th Street)
Then you’ll pass a long row of hedges, briefly broken up by an entrance to a housing complex. Keep going past the remaining hedges to the entrance on the right.  This is SW 22nd Street.
(There’s a sign that says “BE 21st Century Oncology” but no traffic light.)
Make a right on SW 22nd Street
Go over the small bridge and make your first left onto SW 13th Terrace.
Then make an immediate left onto SW 23rd Street.
The street bends to the right becoming SW 14th Ave.
2387 is the third house on the right with the dark green shutters.
From the Turnpike:
Get off at the Boynton Beach exit
Go East on Boynton Beach Blvd.
Make a right on Congress Avenue (going south)
(You’ll pass Publix on your right)
Pass Ocean Avenue and go to the second light which is SW Congress Ave.
Make the left onto SW Congress Ave.
Make your first right onto SW 14th Ave.
Go all the way down and round the curve
2387 is about the 7th house on the left with dark green shutters
Park on the street or in the driveway if it’s available.
(Just make sure when you park on the street you keep the wheels off the grass – these people are sticklers)


$35 per class 

If you like, when you contact me, let me know a little about
 your performing background and what you’d like to focus on.
Private Coaching Sessions and/or Professional taped submissions available:
($65/session or $60 for actors currently attending class).